Stole as we all know is a piece of clothing consisting of a wide band of cloth or fur, worn by a woman around the shoulders. Stoles are really in fashion nowadays. Especially, the cotton stoles. Cotton stole is a very popular piece of clothing among young women which enhances their personality. However, it had been in use for long, but its appearance has undergone a great change in the modern context.

Today's cotton stoles, unlike the traditional ones have improved many a times in quality, design, comfort and elegance. They are one of the most admired clothings of women. They enhance the beauty of a women. Cotton stoles are appropriate for both formal and informal use. Besides cotton, other fabrics like silk, georgette, pashmina, wool etc. are also used for making stoles. But, cotton due to its unique qualities of being hypoallergenic (doesn't irritate sensitive skin), soft and long lasting; among others, is most preferred for making women stoles and other items of clothing.

These women cotton stoles are specially embellished with glass, beads, stones and other such stuffs. Not only this, their beauty is enhanced by means of traditional block prints, deity prints, floral patterns and exotic designs. Nowadays, cotton is blended with other fibers also to make stoles. This practice is giving rise to an all exclusive range of women stoles.

Today's customers want the best worth of their money. Perfectly suiting to this ideology of theirs, cotton stoles give perfect value for what one pays. They are a multipurpose item of clothing and can be worn in any season and at any occasion. In today's fashion conscious world, the vogue for stoles and especially fashionable cotton stoles is constantly rising among the women. Well, it is a clear sign, that for cotton stoles the future is perfect.