Those times have gone when cloths were mere a means of covering or protecting one's body from the external environment. Today, apparel or cloths hold a significant place in our life. Now a days, cloths are not mere considered a necessity but a fashion statement. There are various types of cloths available today for men and women. These include popular women's wear like jeans, tops, shirts, skirts, suits etc. and men's wear like jeans, trousers, shirts, t-shirts, blazer etc. You may notice that except jeans, shirt is the only popular apparel wore by both men and women. But yes, shirts are worn more by men then women.

Men's Shirts


Now, let's come to the point. Today we will discuss about Men's Shirts. However, everybody knows what exactly is a shirt. Yet, before going further I want to update your knowledge by saying that shirt is an item of clothing worn on the upper body. Initially, the men's shirt was a part of men's underwear until the end of twentieth century. It was similar to women's chemise. But, with the passage of time it was adapted as an important men's clothing item, worn on the upper part of the body.

Types of Men's Shirts

Today there are various types of men's shirts available in the market. It's not possible to explain each and every type of shirt here. Obviously, it's not necessary too. So, for the sake of your understanding I have summarized some common types as follows:

  1. Formal Shirts: Yes, it is a very common term. You must have listen it. Actually, a formal shirt is a men's shirt made of fine quality fabrics. These are worn mainly by office goers, executives and other such people. However, it does not mean that these shirts are not worn by anyone else. These shirts are commonly made of fabrics like silk, polyester and cotton.

  2. Casual Shirts: Casual shirts are the shirts worn mostly by college going students and youngsters. They are mostly made of fabrics like cotton, polyester cotton, dyed fabric etc. These are also called informal shirts.

  3. Party Wear Shirts: The last and most popular type of shirt in use now a days is the party wear shirt. These shirts, as the name suggest are meant for wearing in the parties, marriages and other special occasions. These are also popular among the young generation. Party wear shirts are commonly fabricated out of fabrics like satin, georgette, silk and various synthetic fabrics.

The types mentioned above are the main categories, there are various other sub-categories under them like embroidered, knitted, tailored etc.