Leather as we all know is a premium quality stuff created through a process called tanning of animal skin. The various types of items which are fabricated out of leather include shoes, belts, jackets, key fobs and most importantly leather wallets.

Leather wallet is a unique creation of leather. They are a combination of utility and style. The modern leather wallets are not just meant to keep ones belongings like money, credit cards, slips etc. They are a step ahead from the traditional wallets. Today's leather wallets are crafted out of premium quality leather types like Paola, Monami, Sienna, Verona and many more. Unlike the traditional leather wallets, today's leather wallets are made keeping in view various important aspects like utility, style, look and individual preferences.

Ones personality is reflected by the work he done and the things he carry. Wallet is also considered to be a personality symbol. Leather wallet enhances your personality by giving it a royal look. A large variety of leather wallets (for men and women) are available today in the market, to name a few:

(i) American Style Leather Wallets
(ii) European Style Leather Wallets
(iii) Leather Checkbook Wallets
(iv) Leather Magic Wallets
(v) Leather Card Case Wallets
(vi) Vertical Bi-fold Wallet
(vii) Leather Passport Wallet, etc.