Textile Industry is an important segment of any economy. Apart from other things, textile chemicals have a significant role in its development. In the recent times, this industry has seen a dynamic change. The global demand patterns have altered. Now more and more environmental friendly alternatives of harsh chemicals are required by the textile manufacturers and suppliers. In the view of recession and otherwise also, the chemical manufacturers are in need of cost effective methods for production of textile chemicals. As such, many innovations have been introduced that have introduced new products and also improved the existing ones.

Market Trends of Textile Chemicals Industry
Before moving onto the product specific demands in the textile chemical industry, its better to know the recent market trends. The worldwide demand for textile chemicals is estimated to rise 2.8 % per year to $19 billion by 2012. Among the textile chemicals, colorants and auxiliaries are predicted to rise at a faster pace globally. Most of the chemicals will be consumed by two countries- India and China. However, other countries all over the world too, are showing improvement in their investments related to textile industry.

Demand of Textile Chemicals and Auxiliaries
Due to the demand of eco-friendly textiles and products along with legislation on health, safety and environment, new technologies are increasingly coming up in the field of textile chemicals. Polymers for technical textiles, have made most of the advance in recent past due to the fact that fibers made out of them posses semiconductor capabilities and thus have a strong growth potential. Apart from polymers, new coatings, laminates and binder systems are also developing as they add value to the end products. Textile wet processing chemicals which assist in lowering the cost of textile chemical production
are also in much demand. Chemicals are now preferably provided in bulk or semi-bulk containers thus avoiding the cost involved in drums and drum disposal.

It seems that the demands made from textile chemical industry has a clear direction. It is driven by the emphasis put on lower cost of production and environmental safety.